Handy Bulk Update (23 October 2020)

On the Handy sector tonnage open on the North Continent remains very tight and rate firm. A 37,000 dwt fixed delivery passing Skaw for a trip via Baltic redelivery Morocco with grains at US$ 17,250 per day and a 39,000 dwt open in Belfast secured US$ 15,000 daily for a trip via North Continent redelivery US Gulf. A 33,000 dwt open in East Med fixed in the high US$ 12,000s per day for a trip with bagged cement to Jamaica. For a trip Black Sea to Baltic a 34,000 dwt managed US$ 13,500 per day with grains and for a trip Black Sea to Italy and a 28,000 dwt built 1998 fixed at US$ 12,250 daily delivery Canakkale. In contrast the US Gulf continues softer and a 33,000 dwt was heard to negotiating circa US$ 11,000 daily for a trip to Brazil and a 30,000 dwt was rumoured to have fixed a trip aps SW Pass to NCSA at US$ 12,250 per day. In the Pacific rates appear steady. A 37,000 dwt was heard fixing at US$ 7,000 daily delivery CJK for a trip to PG. On the larger Handymaxes a 45,000 dwt open in CJK fixed at US$ 7,000 per day for a trip via Indonesia redelivery China. From the North an older 28,000 dwt fixed steels to SE Asia circa US$ 6,000 per day.

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