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Terms & Conditions

1 Distribution

All Publications by BMTI, including but not limited to periodical reports and market studies are distributed in an encrypted PDF format (PDC) as an email attachment.

2 Payment & Delivery

2.1 Periodical Reports

The subscription fee is billed in advance on a monthly basis by BMTI GmbH and due on the first day of a new subscription period. BMTI reserves the right to temporarily revoke access or discontinue the delivery of the report respectively if insufficient payments have been received.

The Daily Report is published Monday through Friday; the Weekly Summary is published every Monday; the Short Sea Report is published every Wednesday. Subscribers are asked to notify BMTI GmbH within one day if any copy fails to arrive.

2.2 Studies

Studies are made available once payment is received.
Buyers of BMTI Studies will receive a bound hard copy by post as well as an encrypted digital copy for immediate access by email.

3 Copyright

BMTI GmbH is the sole owner of the copyright of the BMTI Reports & Studies. Prior arrangements will be made in writing should we wish to copy, re-distribute or forward a BMTI publication, e. g. Report, Study, etc.  in full or in part by any means (e.g. for affiliates, subsidiaries, etc.).
BMTI reserves the right to sue for loss or damage resulting from the illegal distribution or forwarding of the BMTI Report.

4 Cancellation

At least one month’s notice prior to the end of the prepaid term is required in order to cancel our subscription otherwise it will be automatically renewed. Ceasing payment does not qualify as cancellation.


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