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BMTI Short Sea Report — Order

◆ The subscription fee is billed in advance on a monthly basis by BMTI GmbH. BMTI reserves the right to discontinue the delivery of the report if insufficient payments have been received.
◆ Each Wednesday a copy of the BMTI Short Sea Report will be sent to us via Internet as an attached document (PDC = encrypted PDF). We shall notify BMTI GmbH within one week if any copy fails to arrive.
◆ BMTI GmbH is the sole owner of the copyright of the BMTI Report. Prior arrangements will be made in writing should we wish to copy, re-distribute or forward the BMTI Report in full or in part by any means (e.g. for affiliates, subsidiaries, etc.).
◆ BMTI reserves the right to sue for loss or damage resulting from the illegal distribution or forwarding of the BMTI Report.

The Short Sea Report is charged 100€/month

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