EUSSIX (European Short Sea Index)

European Short Sea Index (EUSSIX©)
for Dry Bulk and Break Bulk

BMTI is pleased to have launched in 2017 the first official European Short Sea Index, published weekly as part of the BMTI Short Sea Report. To meet the need for a comprehensive indicator of Europe’s short sea freight industry, BMTI has developed the “European Short Sea Index” (or in abbreviated form, EUSSIX) using weighted inputs from BMTI’s four main sub-regional indices:

Northern Europe Mediterranean Sea Black Sea Sea of Azov

The EUSSIX, a directional index published on a weekly basis, is the result of aggregated freight rates for dry bulk cargoes transported in Europe and adjacent regions with vessels between 1,000-20,000 dwt. This EUSSIX example includes the year period up to the forty-fifth week of 2018:

The index is calculated with up-to-date freight market data and available each week in the BMTI Short Sea Report.

European Short Sea Index (EUSSIX©)
In contrast to deep sea and intercontinental maritime transport, short sea shipping is restricted to relatively short distances along the coast and ships in the size range that fall below the typical Handysize vessel description [approx. 20,000 dwt and below]. As such, the globally recognized and referenced Baltic Dry Index cannot serve the short sea shipping sector as a reliable economic indicator. The European short sea market has long needed such an index for its own vibrant and volatile market. BMTI, with years of experience intensively observing, analysing and collecting data from the short sea shipping markets, has decided to meet this demand with this new market index, published on a weekly basis. Utilising its relationships with Europe’s short sea industry players, BMTI is in the process of expanding the freight input data to strengthen the reach of the EUSSIX algorithm. Any additional short sea market players who would like to participate in contributing to this new short sea index are welcome to contact BMTI.