BMTI Short Sea Report

BMTI Short Sea Report- Coaster Shipping in Dry Cargo Markets

For -6- years now – since BMTI ShortSea Report’s inauguration back in 2011 – does BMTI monitor and analyze the European ShortSea freight markets – is registring ShortSea fixtures & freight-rates and all other ShortSea transportation related facts & events!
The BMTI Report, published in English, provides unbiased professional analyses of the important developments in the international ShortSea shipping business as well as summaries of principal transactions – clearly, accurately and concisely.   The BMTI ShortSea report is published every Wednesday at a charge of 80€/month !
The BMTI ShortSea report in brief:
◆ in-detail reports of European Short Sea areas – Baltic Sea, North Sea, Mediterranean, Azov, Black Sea, etc.
◆ Short Sea Fixtures & Freight-Rates
◆ BMTI Short Sea territorial indices & trend diagrams
◆ BMTI EUSSIX© – European ShortSea Index
◆ BEX Ldn indices (BDI and BHSI)
◆ Bunker prices
◆ exemplatory S&P sales
◆ China Coastal Bulk (table and trend curve)
◆ Commodity news — DryCargo related
◆ Foreign exchange rates
◆ International holidays
……  and even more:
◆ Latest relevant news on trade policies, EU legislation and free trade agreements
◆ Background knowledge on special topics concerning the shipping market or global economics
◆ Exclusive broker reports from market insiders
◆ Important news on queue situation, at international dry bulk ports
◆ Forecasts on the development of the short sea and dry bulk shipping market
◆ Yearly and half-yearly review, as well as yearly preview
◆ Other special reports on customer demand

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