BMTI Weekly ReCap Report

BMTI Weekly ReCap Report

For those readers who do not need shipping information on a daily basis but would like to keep in touch with the general development of the dry-bulk shipping market, BMTI publishes the Weekly Summary composed of the BMTI highlights of the past week.
Exemplatory contributions and published facts, fixtures & figures of the Dry Bulk markets of the preceding week are compiled into an exhaustive Weekly ReCap report.
The BMTI Weekly ReCap Report is charged  100 € on a monthly basis [Substantial discounts available on extended prepayment schedules].

Excerpts from Daily reportings ….

◆ London correspondent  /  ◆ Short Sea / brief view / ◆ Far East report / look over the fence
◆ Fixtures – from Handysize to Panamax / Capes / ◆ Baltic indices (table and trend curve)
◆ Futures ratings / FFAs / ◆ Foreign exchange rates / ◆ International holidays [maritime industry]
◆ Commodity report / ◆ Container report / brief view / ◆ Bunker report & prices (VLSFO, LSMGO, IFO 380, MDO)
◆ Investment review / ◆ S&P report / ◆ New ConTex / ◆ Asia Pacific Rates

In addition extracts from:

◆ Latest relevant news on global politics, EU legislation and free trade agreements / ◆ Authentic & exclusive broker reports from market insiders
◆ Background knowledge on specific topics – EPA / environmental shipping / green technolgy, etc. etc
◆ Important news on queue situation at international dry bulk ports / ◆ Forecasts on the development of the dry bulk shipping market

Special editions:

Yearly and half-yearly REVIEW, as well as yearly PREVIEW into the Dry Bulk Shipping markets
◆ Additional special BMTI reports, general and customized topics.

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BMTI Weekly Summary subscribers receive the BMTI Weekly Summary via Internet as an email attachment (PDC = encrypted PDF) every Monday. Trend evaluations and fixtures are compiled in a10 to 15 page summary.

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