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Today’s BMTI Snippet …

  • Secondhand containership sales rising (25-Apr-2017)

    Corrective days ahead for Panamaxes?containership
    Technical analysis of futures markets last week were already suggesting Panamaxes were poised to enter a corrective phase and the start of this week seems to give that theory more credence with little fresh business emerging to prop up freights. (p. 1)

    Attraction remains for Supras into the US Gulf
    The USG stays tempting for Supras and Ultras whilst the Handysizes still trail their larger brethren. (p. 1)

    Notable rise in containership sales YTD
    Activity in the secondhand containership market has been considerably stronger in 2017 than in 2016 with the first quarter of the year seeing around 59 containerships sold (261,911 TEU) compared to just 28 containerships (79,126 TEU) sold second¬hand in the same quarter last year. (p. 2)

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