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  • Ship Finance Review – Stocks Fall on Economic Worries (16 Aug 2019)

    Wall StreetStock markets fell sharply this week—the second biggest drop all year—on ongoing trade war worries and news from Germany and China indicating slow­er economic growth. Bond prices rose sharply, push­ing yields to multi-year lows, analysts said. The S&P on Wall Street fell 2.93% on Wednesday, pressured by declines in the energy sector. Japan’s Nikkei ex­change dropped 1.3%, though eastern stock markets were relatively stable compared to western ones. European stock markets declined across the board after the German government reported that the Ger­man economy shrank over the second quarter of the year, the second negative quarter in a row, indicating that the eurozone’s biggest economy was in reces­sion according to the widely accepted economic definition of recession. Germany, which remains a highly export-dependent economy, has been especi­ally affected by the ongoing US-China trade war.


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