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  • Handy Brokers Bullish on South Africa for December (20 Nov 2018)

    Capesize freights start the week in limbo south africa bulker
    Starting the week on an undecided, Capesizes trend largely sideways with only the Pacific RVs taking any considerable damage, losing only US$ 200-300 to settle in the mid US$ 8,000s. (p. 1)

    Promising signs for Handies via South Africa
    South African brokers expect a rush for tonnage for first half December dates, which already has inspired owners of a 56,000 dwt open ECI to indicate her for a South African RV at US$ 13,000 daily. (p. 2)

    Modest uptick in box rates on USEC redelivery
    More influential was the Shanghai-to-USEC route, up 3.5% week-on-week to hit US$ 3,739/FEU while the corresponding USWC redel (20% of the SCFI) fell by 1.8% to trade at US$ 2,529/FEU. (p. 2)

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