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  • Rumours of recovery heard from ECSA (15 Nov 2017)

    Indo rounds drift back into the shadowsrecovery
    On South China delivery, ships of 58-62,000 dwt via Indonesia are fixing no higher than US$ 7,500 daily on ECI redel and US$ 6,750 daily back to S. China. (p. 1)

    Good news for Handies from South America?
    Hefty rates are said to have been paid from ECSA, with Lauritzen rumoured to have taken a 38,000 dwt vessel from North Brazil via Plate to China at a rate significantly higher than US$ 15,000 daily. (p. 1)

    Coasters: Bullish November cheers owners
    Firm trends are most likely to continue through the remainder of the month with some suggesting that the shift to December may drive another spike as new cargoes enter for year-end requirements amid an even tighter tonnage supply. (p. 2)

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