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  • HANSA Forum: Platou Says Shipping Poised for Best Period in Years

    investment[28 NOV 2019] Capital markets have not been overly enthusiastic about shipping in recent years, this past year being no exception, but, according to more than a few finance professionals, this is prime time for a turn­around in fortunes with smart money poised to see solid returns. This is also the opinion of Erik Hel­berg, CEO of Clarksons Platou Securities, who held a convincing presentation in Hamburg at the 23rd annual HANSA Forum for Shipping Finance. “Con­ditions are ripe for a turnaround,” Helberg said, indi­cating multiple reasons for investors to reassess a market that has weathered one of its toughest peri­ods in recent memory. Equity has done surprisingly well in 2019, said Helberg, with the possible ex­ception of LNG carriers, which saw their general performance fall by some 29% year-on-year. But this was the exception that proves the rule, so to speak, with equity returns in the majority of other shipping sectors having shown respectable-to-incredible re­turns in the year-to-date (indeed, shipping as a total entity, rose by 13% over the year). Container equity grew by a modest 5% this year, Helberg showed in a slide, followed by dry bulk with 11% growth and ship leasing companies with 30%. The highest end growth was in tankers, however, with handsome gains of 42%, 73% and 99% in 2019 in the equity areas of product tankers, crude tankers and mix tank­ers.


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Built in 2014 at #Imabari, Japan, 77K DWT #Panamax #drybulk vessel MV ‘Sun Excelsior’ sailing upstream in the #Mississippi River by #NOLA on a sunny, winter afternoon; doesnt get more romantic than that! #KaratzasImages

Maritime finance analyst sees prospects brightening in post-2020 world. #maritime #investment #dailysnippet #IMO2020 https://t.co/gqJLs16N4D

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