About BMTI

About BMTI

Since 1983, “BMTI” has stood for independent “Brokers Market & Trend Information” in the international maritime markets, particularly in Dry Bulk shipping.
BMTI has become one of the few truly independent market research and news agencies in the international dry shipping industry from its early days as a telex-based freight report.
A network of individual correspondents, all active in the market, provides a selection of English-language news from all aspects of the shipping markets. The BMTI team of editors reviews, evaluates, condenses and prepares a daily report, supplemented by facts and indices of international shipping organizations, trading exchanges and futures clearing houses.

BMTI currently publishes Dry Cargo reports you may subscribe to …

  • The weekly BMTI ShortSea Report, unique in the shipping Coaster industry—covering the coastal shipping sector of Europe & neighbouring countries / continents—with Fixtures  and sections such as Bunker / S&P / Coaster Indices / Investments etc.
  • BMTI Daily Report, BMTI’s core product, a daily worldwide freight market report – with Fixtures and weekly side-views onto Bunker / Container / S & P / Market-Indices / ShortSea / Investments etc.
  • The BMTI Weekly Summary, the weekly ReCap Report – a condensed summary of the ‘BMTI Daily Reports’ of the previous week.

Starting from  2010, BMTI is publishing a serious of professional Research Studies covering the  field of Maritime Market & Shipping Intelligence:

  • the “Anatomy of a Shipping Crisis – 2008-2022”, a yearly published situation analysis of the maritime DryBulk industry over the past decade

.. and a range of important experts Studies on shipping segments  – such as ShortSea shipping:

  • “Short Sea on the Move [IV] – What to expect from 2023-2025 [3,000 – 15,000 dwt]” – a future assessment for the ShortSea market,
  • “BMTI Perspective 2024” BMTI’s special compilation of in-house analysis and numerous forecast essays, or
  • “Small Bulkers Making Waves [I] 2023”, a study dealing specifically with the size-range of 20,000-70,000dwt.

BMTI subscribers and readers are made up on the one hand from direct market players, Brokers on the Cargo as well as on the Tonnage side, from Charterers & commodity Traders as well as Shipowners & Managers/Operators and made up from members out of all commercial areas, directly or indirectly related to international maritime transportation.