Secondhand containership sales rising (25-Apr-2017)

Corrective days ahead for Panamaxes?containership
Technical analysis of futures markets last week were already suggesting Panamaxes were poised to enter a corrective phase and the start of this week seems to give that theory more credence with little fresh business emerging to prop up freights. (p. 1)

Attraction remains for Supras into the US Gulf
The USG stays tempting for Supras and Ultras whilst the Handysizes still trail their larger brethren. (p. 1)

Notable rise in containership sales YTD
Activity in the secondhand containership market has been considerably stronger in 2017 than in 2016 with the first quarter of the year seeing around 59 containerships sold (261,911 TEU) compared to just 28 containerships (79,126 TEU) sold second¬hand in the same quarter last year. (p. 2)

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Southeast Asia keeping Handies busy (10-Apr-2017)

Fresh demand on inter-Continent tradesSoutheast Asia
Inter-Continent business is looking stronger with US$ 13,500 daily (and even US$ 14,000) on steels from the Baltic to the Adriatic on 28,000 dwt ships. (p. 1)

Coasters: Azov offers widen as activity slows
The Sea of Azov coaster market is, by all signs, stable, though indications are—brokers warn—quite variable, depending on the reporting source. There have been, for instance, quite a few indications for 3,000mt wheat parcels from Yeisk to Marmara at rates in a wide range of US$ 19-22/mt. (p. 1)

SE Asia remains crucial for eastern Handies
Stronger rates have been seen from SE Asia with 32-36,000 dwt vessels getting US$ 8,000 and higher on trips from Vietnam to Northern China. (p. 2)

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Rebound in eastbound Panamax trade (07-Apr-2017)

Recovery seen in Panamax front hauls
Panamax front hauls get a modest revival at the end of the week as a surge in eastbound demand from South America and the Continent helps push rates back up by some US$ 500 into the high teens of US$ 17-18,000 on UKC delivery—or even up to US$ 20,000 on ECI redel from the Continent. (p. 1)

Black Sea Handies looking bubbly with grains
Handysize grain stems continue emerging from the Black Sea trade area, with Bunge quoting 25,000mt from Nikolayev to Morocco, talking US$ 12-13/mt basis free d/a at loading. (p. 1)

Indian Ocean highlight for eastern Handies
The buoyancy in the Indian Ocean market seems to be unbroken. (p. 2)

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Atlantic bulkers in concerted recovery (29-Mar-2017)

Baltic Dry Index

Dry Bulk Rate Trend

Strong momentum for Atlantic Panamaxes
Positive trends accelerate for the western Panamax market with strong gains in trans-Atlantic trades pushing the TARV benchmark over US$ 11,000 after a number of weeks in the four digits. (p. 1)

Baltic-based Handy bulk rates ascendant
Off the Baltic, a 37,000 dwt was booked for a cargo to South Africa equivalent to US$ 13,250 daily. (p. 1)

Coasters: Northern rates rise as Q2 approaches
With weather warming as well as the new quarter approaching, business activity has continued to warm up in the northern European coaster markets, according to brokers, with owners finally securing upgrades in their freight offers. (p. 2)

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Atlantic Handy owners maintain advantage in talks (22-Mar-2017)

Owners retain negotiating edge in talks on Atlantic Handiessupramax
Momentum remains on the side of the Handy bulk owners with upgrades afforded on eastward runs from UKC and Black Sea into the high US$ 13,000s daily, despite only sporadic business on that route. (p. 1)

South America remains key driver for inter-Atlantic trade
From South Brazil, a 39,000 dwt was proposed US$ 11,500 for a trip to the Med-Black Sea. (p. 2)

Approach of Q2 hastens short sea urgency in charterers
The upcoming quarterly switch has upped owner urgency to fix business while they can in Q1. (p. 2)

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High activity among Black Sea Handies (15-Mar-2017)

New energy observed in western Handy bulk Black Sea bulker
Atlantic Handy bulkers, after a few uncertain days, appear to have gotten some fresh wind in their sails with several new streams of cargo orders coming on from the UK-Continent and Mediterranean. (p. 1)

Black Sea Handsize market seems in rude health
The Black Sea remains surprisingly vibrant as owners test charterers by raising their numbers. US$ 14.5/mt for 30,000mt grains to ARA does not seem that easy with tonnage proposed at US$ 16.5/mt. (p. 2)

Coasters: Northern owners remain optimistic
Trips for larger parcels of 5-6,000mt are getting mid-high EUR 20s/mt of EUR 26-28/mt from the GNS to the Turkish Med with some owners insisting EUR 30/mt is very likely to be obtainable on the same run by the beginning of April. (p. 2)

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Indonesia keeps eastern Handy bulk bullish (14-Mar-2017)

nickel ore loading

nickel ore loading

Southeast Asia keeping Handy bulk busy
Handysizes continue to secure rates in the five digits on Aussie trips ex-Indonesia into the NoPac. (p. 1)

Tighter avails in river-sea going Black Sea
Traders say sentiment is again on the positive side in the Black Sea river-sea going market as avails have started to tighten and rates see mild improvements over last-done. (p. 1)

Reduction in US redel box rates from China
On the trans-Pac routes, the Shanghai-to-USWC run decreased 4.8% to US$ 1,424/FEU while Shanghai-to-USEC has fallen to US$ 2,887/FEU. (p. 2)

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Supply-Demand Gap Tightens in Baltic Short Sea Trades

Baltic Westward CurveThe spot market remains tilted toward owners with activity still holding to higher-than-average levels in the northern trades of the Baltic Sea and North Sea coaster routes. But with rates still not demonstrably higher than they were 2-3 weeks ago, there is also little basis to call it a rally of the kind clearly taking place across the Atlantic Handy bulk sector. UK ex­ports to North Spain are sporadic—as strike condi­tions at Spanish ports have slowed trade—with rates in the range of EUR 14-17/mt, interestingly with delivery WCUK on the lower end and ECUK on the higher end of that range on parcels of 4-5,000mt. Westward trips from ARAG to WCUK are fixing up to EUR 15/mt and closer to EUR 13-14/mt on ECUK redel. Among all the northern trade regions, the Baltic Sea is still the strongest in terms of supply-demand gap with just a slight increase in demand from present levels likely to set off the long-desired freight hike that shipowners have been predicting. Tonnage is decidedly less tight in the Irish Sea and North Sea, though charterers are having no success in pushing freights any lower than last-done levels with westward redelivery to Ireland from the Ger­man Baltic getting EUR 15/mt and rumoured to be fixing up to EUR 15/mt on 5,000mt parcels. Better weather seems to have been a modest boon to own­ers with charterers more willing to put cargoes on the market without the risk of having them tied up at port due to stormy conditions. Earnings have been generally unchanged on standard trans-Baltic ship­ments with 3-4,000 dwt ships still getting mid EUR 2,000s of about EUR 2,400-2,600 daily on non-ice class tonnage. Most owners remain optimistic about March with trends among the deep-sea bulkers also providing some encouragement, however indirect.

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