Volatility Returns to Supramaxes (12 Mar 2024)

HandysizeEastern Supramaxes have seen choppier waters of late with rates for NoPac rounds moving largely side­ways in the US$ 14,000s on tonnage of 58,000 dwt and the US$ 16,000s for Ultras of 62-63,000 dwt. Black Sea front hauls, meanwhile, have started to bounce back to prior highs with more Supra owners seeing rates in the US$ 26-27,000 range instead of the US$ 25-26,000 range of a week before. Volatil­ity is back in the Atlantic with APS rates for cement from Turkish Med to USG on 58,000 dwt ships said to have been done at everything from US$ 12,250 daily plus US$ 170,000 BB to US$ 15,250 daily plus US$ 175,000 BB (ILOHC). Another 2010-built 58,000 dwt is said to be on subs from South Africa to WCI at US$ 18,000 daily plus US$ 180,000 BB (or if ECI at US$19,000 daily plus US$ 190,000 BB).

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