Bullish trends return to Pacific Handy bulk (20-Feb-2017)

Upside remains, if barely, on Pacific Panamaxes bull market
NoPac rounds are still securing low US$ 7,000s on modern tonnage, which owners hope will translate into upwards of US$ 8,000 by late February. (p. 1)

Azov trade ‘paralyzed’ by poor weather
With rather thick and barely navigable ice across the Azov basin, transits have been slowing. Trade has become, as a result, practically paralyzed. (p. 2)

Far East Supramaxes enjoy bullish sentiment
Sentiment has been roundly bullish among Far East Supramaxes in the past week with average round voyage rates gaining some US$ 1,000 on the week to close in the high US$ 5,000s amid word of low US$ 6,000s already done on Ultramax tonnage on Aussie rounds to South China. (p. 5)

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