Bulker Market Update (03 May 2021)

The Capesize roll is undeniable with long hauls and voyage rates alike moving from high to high as charterers prove more than willing to pay up for guaranteed tonnage. With front hauls in the mid US$ 60,000s now it has started to look like an entirely different market than owners had become used to in the last decade, but there remains plenty of healthy scepticism about the sustainability of this recovery. South American cargoes and buoyant sentiment are keeping Panamax rates aloft, if not flying, with solid upgrades on a daily basis taking TARVs to just under US$ 20,000 daily on 82,000 dwt tonnage. Eastern-based demand has been especially lively in recent days with new activity particular evident around Australia and SE Asia. Indo rounds are flying high with US$ 28,000s achieved on S.China delivery. A lack of steady enough demand in the Atlantic basin has given charterers an opportunity to push Supramax rates back down across most of the major routes—though some were quick to blame the upcoming UK and Asian holidays for the downturn. Black Sea front hauls have reversed back toward a flat US$ 30,000 daily on the 58,000 dwt assessment.

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