BMTI Handy Bulk Market Update (20 Apr 2021)

Many brokers are looking forward to a very likely mesmerizing new week. Expectations are running high, after the Atlantic market changed course towards the end of last week. The bullish Kamsarmax market is supporting the smaller Ultramax tonnage, which many charterers are trying to switch to, if possible. Grain charterers are in lose talks with Ultra owners, indicating their interest at US$ 27-28,000 for a front haul ex-Continent, for which last week Kamsarmax tonnage was covered at US$ 36,000. Handysize rates are recovering with fertilizer charterers rating a 36,000 dwt at US$ 14,500 daily for a trip to ECSA, which is up around US$2,000 daily on last-done. Charterers’ appetite in period tonnage remains unbroken.

Two 38,000 dwt vessels are rumoured as having been taken by a large grain house for 12 months at around US$ 18,000 daily, both delivery Med-Black Sea. The Med-Black Sea market remains on a promising streak with a 38,000 dwt taken at US$ 16,000 daily from the East Mediterranean to the US Gulf. And, from Central Med area, a similar size vessel has even been taken at a handsome US$ 16,750 daily for a trip to the Continent.

The ECSA seems back in full swing. Ultra rates have climbed to US$ 22,000 daily plus US$ 1,200,000 BB. Handysize rates have massively improved with a 28,000 dwt booked to West Africa at US$ 16,500. For a trip from North Brazil to Iceland, chars took a 36,000 dwt at US$ 18,750 daily. Another vessel of similar size was also fixed to Iceland at US$ 18,000 daily but owners pulled through redelivery to be Skaw. Not bad!! Trips ex-Plate to WCSA on 37,000 dwt have shot up to US$ 26,000 daily. From South Africa, a 24,000 dwt was taken for a trip to Yanbu in the Red Sea at US$ 14,500. The sun keeps shining on Far East markets. A 36,000 dwt was secured at US$ 28,000 daily for a CIS round voyage with delivery N.China. A back haul trip was fixed on 40,000 dwt from China to Continent at US$ 19,000 daily. Owners of a 53,000 dwt are undaunted to hold out for US$ 23,000 daily for a 5-7 month period with delivery CJK. Owners of 58,000 dwt were aiming at US$ 25,000 daily for a trip from Japan to Singapore. To cover a NoPac stem, charterers were offering US$ 25,000 daily on a 36,000 dwt vessel, open Ecuador, for a trip via NoPac to the Singapore-Japan range.

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