Research Study: Handy to Ultra – Bulkers Making Waves: Insights & Prospects 2023 [20 – 70,000 DWT]

Handy to Ultra – Bulkers Making Waves [I]: Insights & Prospects 2023 [20 – 70,000 DWT]

Handy-t-Ultra-Bulkrs-2023 Just released ….
After years of extensive research and painstaking data analysis, BMTI is pleased to announce publication of its newest landmark study. “Handy to Ultra – Bulkers Making Waves [I]” is an extensive and thorough investigation of the motor of global dry bulk shipping, vessels from 20,000 dwt to 70,000 dwt that quietly account for the lion’s share of the world’s bulk carrier business.
Until now, no other industry study has covered this under-served but over-performing segment of ships ranging from the Handysizes to the Supramaxes to the Ultramaxes (and every specialized size in between). “Handy to Ultra – Bulkers Making Waves [I]” in this first edition runs the gamut of technical detail and market analysis on every facet of these essential ships.
While the study has over 20 chapters on various topics, highlights include considerations of small bulkers and their role in the next potential economic recovery, market projections for the coming decade, a look at the next generation orderbook in the context of new emissions regulations, the most important routes for the Handy to Ultra bulker trades and tonnes of granular data in the form of tables, graphs, curves and maps on everything from global dry bulk volumes to key cargo types to multiple fleet breakdowns to the demolition sector to S&P to technical specs on representative small bulkers being constructed today (and so much more).
As an authority in shipping research for decades, BMTI is confident that this new study will be an essential reference for every dry bulk professional in 2023 and years to come

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The content of the study comprises:

  • Introductory Essay
  • Remaining potential for super cycle in bulk carrier market
  • Routes & New Routes:
    → Substantial shake-up of historical trade pattern
    → Main dry bulk terminals for grain export in selected countries
  • Shipping trade route examples
    →  Main trading routes for – grains /  – coal / – bauxite / – fertilizer
  • Projections towards the time ahead
  • Largest dry bulk companies in 2023
    → Top Ten Dry Bulk Shipping Companies by Fleet Capacity (2023)
  • World economy
  • World dry bulk volume
  • Technical Specifications of Representative Bulk Carrier Types
  • Detailed Fleet Analysis
    → Ultramax (60,000-70,000 dwt)  • Supramax (50,000-60,000 dwt)
    → Handymax (35,000-50,000 dwt) •  Handysize (20,000-35,000 dwt)

    → Age structure of total fleet of 20,000 – 70,000 dwt  •  Orderbook
  • Sales & Purchase Market  • Demolition Market
  • Conclusion

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