Research Study: Shipping Technology Monitor – 2018

Shipping Technology Monitor – 2018

The BMTI new Technology Monitor in Shipping [Ed. 2018]

BMTI new Technology Monitor in ShippingBMTI’s Shipping Technology Monitor – 2018 *
In the Study »Shipping Technology Monitor« BMTI presents a wide selection of it’s own coverage of today’s leading trends in ship design and propulsion, including many contributions from technology experts in their own sectors of the shipping economy who have shared their knowledge and opinions on the subject.

  • Green Shipping (essays about the future of shipping in a world of changing emissions standards)
  • Expected broking & economic trends from every sector
  • Ship Design (opinions and detailed accounts from industry thought leaders and ship designers)
  • Digitalisation (emerging technologies including Big Data, cryptocurrencies and online shipbroking)
  • Cybercrime (electronic threats to maritime security and new ways to guard against them)
  • Automation (robotics, drones, 3D printing and the promise of autonomous shipping)

BMTI’s Shipping Technology Monitor – 2018 is a crucial resource to be up-to-date on the track of engineering developments and latest  innovations in the Shipping industry.

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Introduction – BMTI Shipping Technology Monitor 2018

    • The advance of technology has come hand in hand with the advance of humans since Homo sapiens first began using handmade tools over two million years ago.
      Progressive advances have come in stops and starts, sometimes slowly over generations or suddenly sparking revolutions in the way we all live and work in our daily lives.
  • The world of shipping has been shaped by technological advances such that today’s modes of cargo transport would be all but unrecognizable to prior generations of even 50 years ago, let alone 100 and 200 years ago.
    BMTI, as a shipping news service and researcher on the frontiers of maritime technology, has been following these changes and how they may move shipping forward in the 21st Century
  • The targeted development of smart ships using maritime autonomous systems has as a principal challenge the integration of these autonomous systems into current maritime operations, legal and regulatory requirements and the training of the seafarers.
    Technological advances and developments in green shipping go hand-in-hand with In-Depth consideration of shipping finance today

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