BMTI Short Sea – Market Digest General Cargo and MPP (3-15,000 dwt)

BMTI Short Sea – Market Digest General Cargo and MPP (3-15,000 dwt)

short_sea_on_the_move_what_to_expect_from_2017The BMTI Market Digest on European short sea shipping is a special study created to reflect the state of the industry using extensive data analysis of its recent history as well as its current condition. Following a two-year period of extraordinary disruptions in the global economy, deeply affecting the merchant shipping industry worldwide, a re-positioning has begun. Today’s short sea industry is at a crossroads, facing multiple challenges including changing trade routes, an altered supply-demand balance, an aged fleet and an orderbook poised for renewal. Further, the maritime industry is tackling the urgent requirements and goals of curbing climate change with European short sea shipping at the centre of major initiatives and promising new technologies. For fresh ideas and strategically effective decisions, it is important to make a well-founded evaluation as a basic condition. This special research study investigates the industry from multiple aspects: fleet structure, freight development on major routes in the recent past as well as fundamentals of short sea shipping regarding port throughput, cargo and costs—among many other aspects. This special digest report, providing an overview and analysis of this highly specialised sector, is intended as a crucial resource for market players in their planning and considerations of the near future of their own business endeavours.

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The content of the study comprises:

  • Introduction: The Post-Pandemic Economy
  • European short sea market:
    → Considerations & general aspects
  • Cargo
    → cargo volumes on the global market
  • Example Fixtures – Europe—2020/2021
    General/various commodities / coal, grain, steels etc.
  • European Ports
    → DryBulk volumes – to/from EU ports
  • Freight & Costs
    → Coaster fleet analysis
  • Supply & Demand
    What the bulk carrier market holds in store for 2022
  • Sale & Purchase of Short Sea Vessels
    Demolition of Short Sea Vessels / up to 20,000 DWT
  • MPP & General Cargo Fleet Analysis 3,000 – 14,999 DWT
    → MPP Analysis 3,000 – 14,999 DWT
    → General Cargo Analysis 3,000 – 14,999 DWT
    → Distribution of vessels by owner country
    → Table – Fleet-population by country [worldwide]

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