Panamaxes regain buoyancy via Indonesia (29 Nov 2017)

Buoyancy returns with growth in Indo roundsbuoyancy
Panamax trends on benchmark rates via Indonesia are firm if not overly ascendant with Indo rounds to South China oscillating within the US$ 9,000-9,500 daily range on 72-76,000 dwt tonnage. (p. 1)

Handy bulk owners content with slow-but-steady gains
Owners seem fine with the current return to positivity on Supramax routes, even as gains have been incremental at best. (p. 1)

Coasters: Robust business via Turkish Med
Imports and exports alike have been rather vibrant via the Turkish Med in recent days with grain imports from the Sea of Azov (5,000mt with stowage of 46′) to Mersin fetching about US$ 62/mt from Yeisk and US$ 64/mt from Azov port. (p. 2)

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