Handy Bulk Market Update (11 October 2019)

A quirky Kamsarmax market in the Atlantic has given some impetus to higher rate levels. Baltic rounds are hovering around US$ 17-18,000 daily. TC trip from Black Sea to Portugal has been traded at close to US$ 20,000 daily. ECSA fronthaul runs have been done at US$ 17,500 daily plus US$ 750,000 ls. Grain charterers ex-US Gulf are holding out for US$ 50/mt for Kamsarmax stem to China. Handy activity has thrown the focus on the Continent. There is widespread view of a pretty strong market with no signs of easing yet. In an attempt to avoid high rates coal charterers decided to increase their cargo size from Handy to Kamsarmax size. Steel charterers were rating a 40,000dwt at US$ 16,000 daily from GNS to Adriatic. For a fronthaul run owners of a 29,000dwt – open in South Spain were seeing US$ 15,500 daily for a trip via St. Petersburg to the East, which on the basis of passing Skaw, would be close to US$ 20,000 daily. Black Sea grain charterers were getting rates at US$ 17.75/mt for 30,000mt from Nikatera to Egypt Med. A couple of charterers with second half October Supra stems seem be have decided to wait and keep watching the falling market for fronthaul trips. In the US Gulf period rates for 35,000dwt tonnage have been exchanged at around US$ 10,000 daily from charterers versus owners idea of US$ 12,000 daily for 12 months trading. A 61,000 dwt was tied up for a cargo from Atlantic Columbia to Brazil at the equivalent of US$ 15,000 daily, which for trips to the Med are being fixed at around US$ 21-22,000 daily. Brazil appears steadier with Ultra fronthaul rate close to US$ 17,000 daily plus US$ 685,000 ls. Coastal was done on a 36,000dwt in ballast from West Africa at US$ 17,500 daily. The East has not been too busy at all, whilst amazingly enough there is still quite a number of charterers showing interest in period tonnage.

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