Handy Bulk Market Overview (17 Apr 2020)

bulk carrierThe chartering market remains a lamentable play­ground for the shipowners who have no choice but to adapt to the challenges, which to meet is almost impossible. Off the Continent, Baltic Sea rounds for Kamsarmax vessels have dropped to around US$ 3,500-3,700 daily. An LME was covered ARAG via Baltic to the East Med at US$ 5,000 daily. Handysize tonnage of 34,000 dwt has allegedly been fixed from the Baltic to the West Med at around US$ 8,000 daily, whilst similar size tonnage has been traded at around US$ 5,000 daily from Baltic to the US Gulf. From Black Sea Post Panamax tonnage was fixed the equivalent of US$ 5,000 daily for a trip to the US Gulf. Handysizes of 37,000 dwt have been taken to the US Gulf as well at US$ 5,000-5,500 daily, which rate is also still applicable for Black Sea-Med trading. Owners of an over-aged 30,000 dwt fixed from the Black Sea to PG-India at a very poor US$ 7,000 daily.

Low rates prevail in the US Gulf. Grain charter­ers were rating tonnage of 28,000 dwt at US$ 4,000 daily for a trip to EC Mexico. Charterers are waiting for confirmation of berth readiness, which seem to take a while. Kamsarmax front haul rates were agreed at US$ 13,350 daily plus US$ 335,000 BB. In light of this for fresh business Kamsarmax owners have been rating US$ 13,500 daily plus US$ 350,000 BBFrom ECSA, charterers can enjoy the rich choice of tonnage that is leaving owners defenceless. They have no choice but to bite the bullet. Rates to the Red Sea have been done at around US$ 7,300 daily plus redelivery bonus of US$ 200,000 BB. Another Ultra got fixed on the basis of redelivery Port Said at low US$ 7,000 daily. Supramaxes are worth around US$ 6,000 daily plus, also at around US$ 200,000 BB redelivery bonus, instead of Port Said redelivery.

The East has not changed either. NoPac charterers are wondering whether Ultramax owners would start a trade at US$ 5,000 daily for a NoPac round voyage. Aussie charterers insist on APS delivery in Australia talking numbers in the region of US$ 5,500 daily for a trip from Australia to China. Back haul charterers have been telling Ultramax owners that at US$ 200 daily they could consider for a trip to Europe.

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