Capesizes starting to bounce back (10-May-2017)

capesize vessel capesizesTrends are ascendant for the Capesizes for the first time in nearly two weeks with average rates up by 4-5% at midweek. There is said to be more action be­low the surface with a likelihood of more fixtures by the afternoon. For now, Pacific ore voyages are the main deals with Dampier/Qingdao steady at US$ 6.2/mt on tonnage of 170,000mt. The Pacific round for Capesizes jumped US$ 700 to US$ 13,000 via Japan. TARVs grain US$ 250 to reach US$ 11,500 daily via Conti­nent where general sentiment is lightly buoyant.

Panamax activity has grown modestly on the Conti­nental front haul into the middle US$ 13,000s, but the market itself remains broadly flat. Trans-Atlantic rounds have stabilized at about US$ 7,250 daily but are under pressure with a downside. South America, some brokers say, is returning to the market as grain purchasing resumes, thus boosting front haul trades. The ECSA Kamsarmaxes to NoPac are securing APS rates near US$ 12,000 daily plus US$ 500,000 BB.

Modest indications of recovery in the Atlantic at the start of the week start to build some momentum in Handy bulk markets by midweek on signs that USG front hauls are on the way back up as upwards of US$ 20,000 daily is secured to CJK on 58,000 dwt ships. Also from the USG, trans-Atlantic trips to the Continent have also been showing signs of improve­ment with middle teens of up to US$ 15,000 daily obtainable on Ultramaxes on UKC-Med redelivery, sources report. The South American exports are still sporadic with some brokers describing the market as “catch as catch can” given the lack of consistent trend from the ECSA agri-prod spot markets. At any rate, Handysizes of 32,000 dwt have been securing lower teens of US$ 12,500 daily from ECSA into the Far East, we are told, which is a significant upgrade from last week. Then again, we also hear that pressure is growing on this run with one Supra recently unable to secure anything higher than US$ 12,000 DOP.

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