Bulker Update by BMTI’s London Shipbroker (10 July 2020)

The Handy sector in the Atlantic is seeing better numbers overall. Midweek saw a 35,000 dwt fixing out of the US Gulf for a trip to North Continent at US$ 8,000 daily whilst a 38,000 dwt obtained mid US$ 9,000s per day for a similar trip. A 30,000 dwt open on the North Continent fixed circa US$ 7,000 daily for period redelivery Atlantic ranges. Fronthaul rates from the Black Sea for modern 38,000 dwts are around US$ 15,000 per day. Gains were also heard out of ECSA with larger types looking to fix trips with redelivery Continent-Med around US$ 12,500 daily level. In the Far East activity was subdued and rates slipping. It was rumoured a 30,000 dwt open Central China fixed high US$ 5,000s per day for a trip with steels to SE Asia.

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