BMTI Handy Bulk Update (06 Aug 2020)

Ultra-Supramax vessels off the Continent have been making very little progress, if any. Scrap charterers took a Supra at US$ 11,250 daily whilst Ultramax tonnage for loading Baltic for East Med is worth around US$ 12,000. The rate for a trip to S.Africa on 63,000 dwt is hovering around US$ 13,500 daily and the US$ 11,000 daily Ultra tonnage was bid for a trip to Brazil is not to be sniffed at. Also, Handysize owners want their rates to improve and are showing US$ 11,750 daily on 38,000 dwt tonnage for a trip from Rouen to Algeria. The US$ 9,000 rate on a 32,000 dwt ex-Portugal via Baltic back to Algeria seems to support that that they aren’t irredeemable dreamers.

The ECSA is looking okay. Supra tonnage failed on CP details at US$ 13,000 daily to the Continent. The rate of US$12,000 daily for a trip to West Africa (ex­cluding Nigeria) looks very favourable for charterers. Front haul rates have hovering around US$ 13,000 daily plus US$ 300,000 BB on 63,000 dwt tonnage whilst 66,000 dwt was paid US$ 13,500 daily plus US$ 350,000 BB. Handysizes are doing okay as well with charterers bidding 38,000 dwt at 10,500 daily from Plate to USG. From West Africa, an Ultramax was traded for a trip to the West Med at US$ 9,250-9,750 daily. The US Gulf has been flat for Handy­sizes with a 34,000 dwt vessel fixed to Ireland at about US$ 8,000 daily, which similar rate was con­ceded to owners of a 35,000 dwt for a trip to Turkey.

The East is all the same, broadly speaking. NoPac rounds for Supra tonnage are hovering around US$ 7,500-8,000 daily. Handysizes are okay too, with owners of a 32,000 dwt talking US$ 7,000 daily for an Aussie round voyage with delivery Vietnam. For a trip to WCCA, tonnage of 32-38,000 dwt tonnage has been available at US$ 5,750 daily vs. charterers’ rate of US$ 4,750 daily, and was dismissed at too low by the owners. The Bay of Bengal remains a healthy spot with 34,000 dwt bid US$ 10,500 daily for a trip to China. And for a trip to the US Gulf owners of a 36,000 dwt ship have been talking US$ 7,500-8,000 daily. A 25,000mt fertilizer cargo was recently fixed ex-PG to Durban at about US$ 16/mt and is roughly US$ 3.5/mt up on last done in May.

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