BMTI Handy Bulk Overview (12 Oct 2021)

The chartering world remains a mixed bag of news, albeit one that continues to enrich the owners at any rate. Off the Continent, scrap charterers took a 56,000 dwt at US$ 35,000 daily to the East Med, which fixture is dwarfed by the fixture of a 35,000 dwt at US$ 36,500 to a similar destination WCSA charterers took a 58,000 dwt in the low US$ 40,000 daily for a trip via WCSA and redelivery Cristóbal. From the Black Sea, grain charterers are struggling to cover Handysize cargoes with tonnage tight and rates up. For Nikolayev to Tunisia there has been tonnage concluded at a rate of US$ 62/mt. Even for a 30,000mt grain cargo from less expensive Black Sea ports to the Egyptian Med, rates are somewhat in the US$ 50/mt range. Lau Lau managed to replace a vessel running late with a similar size vessel at US$ 60,500 daily for a trip to the East. Lucky them!

Tonnage of 35,000 dwt was proposed by owners for a trip from the East Med via Black Sea to the US Gulf at US$ 45,000 daily. And a 31,000 dwt vessel has been linked with a trip to the ECSA at a handsome freight level of US$ 37,000 daily. The Red Sea appears insanely hot, with rates for to the East with owners’ rates climbing from US$ 45,000 daily to US$ 60,000 daily within only two hours. Also, from South Africa, Handysize tonnage is being rewarded with lovely numbers like US$ 32,000 daily on a 35,000 dwt from Reunion Island via South Africa to the Continent.

Alas, a 32,000 dwt failed at US$ 45,000 daily for a trip from DES to China. OSR, the Dutch juggernaut, were said to be bidding tonnage which came in at US$ 44/mt for 55,000mt fertilizers to ARAG. From West Africa, Far Eastern log charterers seem pretty helpless in their quest for Handysize tonnage willing to go East. Owners prefer Atlantic trading. A 50,000 dwt vessel has been rumoured as done at US$ 28,000 daily for a trip from West Africa to Scandinavia. From ECSA several charterers are busy replacing vessels running late, hence higher head rate. A rate of almost US$ 40,000 daily on a 53,000 dwt with delivery West Africa via Plate to Myanmar is not to be sniffed at.

From the WCCA, grain charterers are desperately endeavoring to cover a cargo of 30,000mt grains to Algeria for which tonnage has been offered at US$ 95-100/mt. Charterers need to open their pockets. A rate of US$ 85/mt seems too low. In the East, a 32,000 dwt vessel was closely traded at US$ 40,000 daily for a trip from CIS to China. Owners of a 34,000 dwt vessel would like to have US$ 36,000 daily for 2-3 laden legs, whilst owners of a 56,000 dwt vessel were holding out for a rate of 38,000 daily for 4-6 months of trading.

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