BMTI Handy Bulk Market Update (20 Sep 2019)

bulk carrierThe chartering market looks still pretty stable in the Atlantic whilst the East is coming off for Handysizes. Off the Continent, the Ultra-Supra market appears to be lagging behind Handies, which have been com­manding very respectable numbers. Supra tonnage was fixed at US$ 19,000 for a trip to the East Med. Ex-USG owners of a 32,000 dwt have not seen bet­ter rates than those they were offered the day before yesterday, which was US$ 16,000 to the Continent. To cover Rouen to Algeria, Handysizes of 35,000 dwt were paid US$ 15,500 daily from Antwerp via Rouen to Algeria. One charterer even took a 35,000 dwt from Oran via Rouen back to Algeria at US$ 11,500 daily. Even for a trip to Brazil major char­terers took a vessel from Algeria via Rouen to Brazil at US$ 9,000 daily. Timber charterers are unwilling to take US$ 14,500-15,000 daily from the owners of 34-36,000 dwt vessels for a 45-day trip to the East Med, and prefer to stick to US$ 13,000 daily.

From Black Sea a 62,000 dwt was clean fixed from Marmara to the East at US$30,000 daily. Handy ton­nage is not making any progress, it seems. A 28,000 dwt was taken for from Canakkale via Black Sea to West Africa at US$ 13,500 daily, which for this type of tonnage is pretty good even. And once again there has been interest in period tonnage at US$ 11,500 daily on a 32,000 dwt for about six months trading. The South Africa market has significantly dropped. Owners of a 40,000 dwt feel the pain that after turn­ing down US$ 15,000 daily last week for a trip to the East, today’s number is down to US$ 13,000. Owners also rejected a rate of US$13,500 daily from South Africa via ECSA to the East, which charterers now would only consider on the basis of APS deli­very at the ECSA. Further, ore charterers quoting 35-50,000mt from West Africa to China have dropped their rate by US$ 7/mt on last-done of US$ 35/mt.

From the Red Sea, fertilizer charterers are linked with a 37,000 dwt at US$ 16-17,000 daily for a trip to the Singapore area. There seems quite a demand for tonnage at the moment from the area, and con­sidering the East has been easing, rates may still rise for certain trades. The PG area is said to be short of tonnage which is keeping rates up, with around US$ 10-11,000 daily still achievable for 35-38,000 dwt tonnage for a trip to the East. From EC India, 40,000 dwt was shown US$ 9,000 daily for a trip to North China, which shipowners said was US$ 1,500 short. Some owners are still holding out for US$ 10,000 daily on their 34,000 dwt vessel for short period. Salt charterers were rating a 32,000 dwt Vietnam at US$ 7,000 daily for an Aussie RV versus owners’ idea of US$ 9,000. Ultra tonnage was fixed at US$ 14,000 daily for 5-7 months. Back haul charterers are unwilling face US$ 7,500 on a fancy 40,000 dwt from Singapore via Australia to the Med. Ferts char­terers at long last made up their mind and paid US$ 30/mt for 30,000mt from S’pore to WCCA. One week ago they could have fixed it at US$ 27/mt.

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