BMTI Handy Bulk Market Overview (10 Aug 2021)

On a typical Monday when all players are positioning their “guns” for the battle ahead of the week, news has been limited. Off the Continent, Handysize owners appear relaxed with an excellent choice of cargo proposals that should lead to higher than last-done numbers. The owners of a 34,000 dwt have been seeing US$ 31,000 daily for a 15-20 day local employment. The rates proposed in general for several Atlantic destinations have been hovering at US$ 30,000 daily anyway. A 56,000 dwt was fixed for a 15-day RV at US$ 34,000 daily. Supramax rates to South Africa are hovering in the low US$ 40,000s. From the Black Sea, a Supramax was rumoured fixed at US$ 48,000 daily for a trip via East Africa and redelivery Durban. This is about US$ 8,000 daily better than done early last week. Clinker charterers have taken a 63,000 dwt ship from the Black Sea to West Africa at US$ 48,000 daily. But a rate of US$ 47,000 daily on a 57,000 dwt vessel with clinker to similar destination is not bad either, is it? Fertilizer charterers last week took a 38,000 dwt for a cargo from Black Sea to Brazil at the equivalent of US$ 36,000 daily.

Steel charterers took a 37,000 dwt at the same level for a trip from the Turkish Med to the US Gulf. US-based charterers took a 32,000 dwt at US$ 35,000 daily for 3-5 months of trading with redelivery Far East. It’s also worth mentioning that a 31,000 dwt was taken from Morocco via the Turkish Med to the USEC at US$ 31,000 daily. The ECSA area is a market in progress. Grain charterers had to drop a Supramax because she was running late by 10 days, and are now facing problems to replace her on dates and money. A Handy of 37,000 dwt was secured to Scandinavia at US$ 35-36,000. The South African market is contributing to an impressive level of global demand for tonnage. Not just recently—but even about 10 days ago—a Supramax was taken from China via South Africa back to the eastern basin at US$ 28,000 daily. The Arabian-PG area is also a stronghold of prosperity for the owners. The 33,800 dwt “Eurosun” has been fixed to Bangladesh at a rate of US$ 40,000 daily. Even for a 30,000 mt stem from PG to South Africa charterers had to swallow a rate at the equivalent of US$ 35,000 daily. In the East, the owners of a 38,000 dwt want US$ 35,000 daily for a back haul trip to the Continent-Med with delivery China. A 61,000 dwt vessel was fixed ex-Singapore to WC India at US$ 31,000 daily.

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