Anatomy of a Shipping Crisis 2008 – 2018


Special Report – Anatomy of a Shipping Crisis – 2008 – 2018

anatomy-of-a-shipping-crisis_2008-2018Having covered the daily shipping markets for nearly three decades, BMTI is uniquely qualified to observe the ups and downs of the maritime business. The shipping boom-and-bust of the early 2000s is a dramatic chapter in the world economy, with China’s massive contribution fuelling a bubble in shipping that paralleled the rise and fall of the global economy from 2008 until now.
Drawn from our reports on broking, economic trends and freight trends in dry cargo, container and short sea shipping, BMTI has captured these last twelve years of tumult in its new special report, on 147 pages

“Anatomy of a Shipping Crisis”…a time capsule of twelve-year period the likes of which will never be seen again. This anthology is a crucial resource for dealing with fleet investments, understanding the cyclical development of the shipping industry and deserves a place on every shipping expert’s desk.

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An insightful and detailed reflection of a market’s rise & fall

  • Introductory summary of the last twelve years in shipping
  • Thorough reviews of each year in terms of freight, commodity and business cycles
  • Graphical analyses of freight movements over each year
  • Fixture snapshots from each year
  • In-depth analyses from BMTI’s shipbroker correspondents
  • Periodic fluctuations commodity trades relevant to dry cargo shipping
  • Investment reports from stock market-listed dry bulk companies
  • Tracking of oil and bunker fuel prices over the twelve-year period

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